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The Senoj Group provides technical assistance to public education systems engaged in systemic education reform. What sets us apart from other educational consulting groups is a unique combination of knowledge and approach. We know schools - the exemplary and the promising, the politics and the problems. And, we know educational leaders, and students - their strengths and their constraints, their frustrations, and failings, as well as their successes, hopes, and dreams.

Understanding schools affords us a unique perspective on what works, what doesn't, and why. Years of solid experience show that reports alone normally have modest effects on schools and the systems they comprise. It's what education stakeholders do with information that makes the real difference. That's why the SENOJ Group takes pride in providing consulting solutions that go straight to the issues, people, and processes that make change possible. Further, we provide campuses and districts follow-up guidance on the implementation of these solutions.

We provide comprehensive services to schools and districts involved in ongoing school improvement. Services include the use of proven practices designed to strengthen the capacity of local schools and districts to transform learning environments.

The SENOJ Group believes that transforming the teaching and learning process requires attention to a number of critical systems. To effect systemic change, the group's work focuses on transforming teaching and learning.

One of the group's unique and specialized areas of expertise is in helping school systems implement mathematics and technology reforms and providing related technical assistance, research, and evaluation services.

Our Solutions Include:

  • Leadership Support

  • Onsite Leadership Support

  • Content Area Support


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